Attwool School, we do not over estimate the power of certificate than skills, we believed both are extremly needed for a child's future placement


We aim to nurture children who are academically and morally upright. We believe every child who passes through us must pass the test of good morals.


Every child at Attwool School is prepared for a future of excellence regardless of whatever position or placement they find themselves in the future.

Some of our ACTIVITIES

  • All Campuses
  • 14-15 Dec, 2021

Christmas Concert

With the joy of the birth of Jesus and as we wrap up the autumn semester, our 2021 Christmas concert was all we need to refresh ourselves and to...

  • Awoyaya Campus
  • 15 Oct, 2021

Graduation Ceremony

In celebration of our 2020/21 Year 12 graduands who have fought through a pandemic moment starting from the Ebola pandemic in their year 1...

  • All Campuses
  • 1st Oct, 2021

Independence Celebration

At Attwool School, independence day celebration 2021 was a lit. Children displayed their love for our fataherland in style.

Coding Classes

Where our chuildren learn to build their own web softwares

Extra-curricular Activities

Where our children learn to be better people

Diction Classes

Where our children learn to speak correctly

School Musical Band

Where our children learn to sing & play instruments

Strength in Numbers

Attwool School by the numbers





Meet our Head of SCHOOLS

Elijah Adetimehin
Head of Admin/Accounts
Dorcas Ojieabu
Head, Human Resources
Adedeji Omotimirin
Principal, Attwool College
Nogie Olotu
Head Teacher Attwool Sunflower School, Agungi
Isaac Taiwo
Vice Principal (Academics), Attwool College
Gloria George
Vice Principal (Admin) Attwool College
Temitope Ashonibare
Deputy Head Teacher Attwool Sunflower School, Awoyaya
Rita Duru
Deputy Head Teacher Attwool Sunflower School, Agungi

Meet our Executive Director

Taiwo Adetunji is presently the Executive Director of Attwool Sunflower School. Lagos, Nigeria. He is a highly motivated professional with a proven record of achievement in teaching, childcare and management of teams. He possesses strong functional and analytical skills and he is able to assimilate changing technology as well as its implications. He has the ability to communicate effectively while involved in administration thereby, positively influencing everyone.