Who we are

Attwool School is one of its kind in elementary and high school in Nigeria. It is an independent school dedicated to high quality base education for children from all over the world. As a school hitting its first decade, it is amazing to see how far the school has gone. We are unique and pioneering in our approach to teaching. We design our own teaching approach as it is best and required for all our children. Attwool School is a diverse and scholarly community dedicated to serving education through teaching, scholarship and outreach. We offer elementary and higher education known as nursery, primary and secondary education that prepare our graduates to become better adults, fit into all kinds of society and become the best of their kind. We cultivate a strong sense of community that makes our staff, parents and management regard the school as a home.


We also pride ourselves on providing an excellent general education that helps prepare our young people for the future. This we achieve through our integrated curriculum, a mix of Nigerian and British Curriculum both at our primary and secondary levels. It is the totality of our students/pupils’ learning experience. It is broad, independent and realistic. We encourage our students to go on to specialist colleges and universities or into employment in the creative industries all around the world. Indeed the majority do so.


At Attwool, our method of delivering our lesson is student-concentrated integrated with modern infrastructure and technology. Our choice of student-concentrated methodology allows our curriculum to emphasize an activity-based learning which allows the learners to garner all the experience and exposure to develop their overt potentials.


We are disciplined people and we instill the culture of discipline in our children. We equally ensure that our students/pupils do not fall short of the love and attention they need. It is our belief that this is the only way they can be ready to face challenges as well as develop strength to carry on with all life endeavours.


Our vision is to be the best provider of qualitative and comprehensive education. We hope to achieve this through our mission statements which are:

  • - To identify and nurture the inherent and overt potential of our children preparing them for the ever-challenging life endeavour by inculcating in them life skills, moral virtues and academic excellence thereby achieving the total person.
  • - To serve as a breeding ground for future leaders that will impact positively on humanity.